46 Main Street Franklin, NJ  07416  |    Phone: 973-827-9280

46 Main Street Franklin, NJ  07416
Phone: 973-827-9280

Tax Collector

Tax Collector

Melissa Caton CTC
Please contact Diana Falica – Tax Collector Assistant

Phone: 973-827-9280 ext 117
Fax: 973-827-2550
email: tax@franklinborough.org

Tax Payment Due Dates

1st quarter taxes due February 1st
2nd quarter taxes due May 1st
3rd quarter taxes due August 1st
4th quarter taxes due November 1st

Credit Card Payments

Credit Card payments are accepted ONLINE only.  Utilize the button below to make an online payment

Billing and Payments

Please be advised that the State of New Jersey does not allow the collector to acknowledge postmarks as payment dates when sending your payment, either via USPS, FEDEX, UPS, through your bank online, etc. Your payments must be received in the collector’s office on or before the 10th of the month in which it is due. The collector is not responsible for any payments lost through the mailing process. If your payment is lost in the mail, you are still responsible for the payment and any interest incurred. Failure to receive a bill does not exempt you from paying your bills or interest due on any delinquencies. If you feel you have not received your bill, it is your responsibility to check the status of your account. You can check the status of your account online or by calling the collector.
Please note: For the convenience of our customers, a drop-box is located by the front steps of the Municipal Building.

The payment or non-payment of any tax and/or utility bills are the sole responsibility of the property owner, even if a tenant occupies the property.

Tax Rates

2023- Not yet determined
2022- 4.226
2021- 4.104
2020- 3.975
2019- 3.795
2018- 3.731


Taxpayer Bill of Rights

The Property Taxpayer Bill of Rights states property taxpayers in New Jersey have the following rights:

  • The right to understand the property assessment process and the requirements of the state Constitution concerning the assessment of real property;
  • The right to understand the calculation of the assessment on their property;
  • The right to detailed information about how to appeal an assessment of property; and
  • The right to view the property assessment of any other parcel of property in the municipality.

Read More: NJ now has a ‘bill of rights’ for taxpayers — Here’s what you need to know | http://nj1015.com/nj-now-has-a-bill-of-rights-for-taxpayers-heres-what-you-need-to-know/?trackback=tsmclip

Property Tax Relief Programs

Homestead Homeowner Rebate: to ask questions: (888) 238-1233 or to check status: (877) 658-2972
Online information: www.state.nj.us/treasury/taxation/homestead/geninf.shtml

Property Tax Reimbursement (Senior Freeze): to ask questions or check status: (800) 882-6597
To listen to information or order an application: (800) 323-4400
Online information: https://www.state.nj.us/treasury/taxation/relief.shtml

Property Tax Reimbursement

(AKA Property Tax Freeze)

Homeowners, including owners of mobile homes located in mobile home parks, age 65 or older, or receiving Federal Social Security Disability Benefits, who paid property taxes on their principal residence in New Jersey either directly or through mobile home park site fees. Applicants must be New Jersey residents for at least the past 10 years and lived in the home for which reimbursement is claimed for at least the last 3 years, and must meet certain income limits. Applicants must meet all requirements for both base year and reimbursement year. The reimbursement is the difference between the amount of property taxes paid for the base year and the amount paid for the reimbursement year. File form PTR-1 for residents who did not receive a prior year*s reimbursement of Form PTR-2 for residents who did receive a prior year*s reimbursement by March 15th.

For more information call 1-800-882-6597 between 8:30AM to 4:30PM weekdays. Information is also available on the Division’s Website.

Annual Property Tax Deductions

Senior Citizens* Annual Property Tax Deduction: Annual deductions of up to $250.00 from property taxes for homeowners age 65 or older or disabled who meet certain income and residency requirements. This benefit is administered by the local municipality.
Veterans* Deduction: Annual deduction from taxes due on real or personal property paid to qualified war veterans and their unmarried surviving spouses. The deduction is $250.00. This benefit is administered by the local municipality.

Tax Assessment - New Construction

Tax Assessment - Review Form

Tax Appeal Filing Procedures & Guidelines


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