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46 Main Street Franklin, NJ  07416
Phone: 973-827-9280

Zoning Office Permit Information

When a Zoning Permit is required?

A zoning permit , or other permit, ceitiñeate or authorization as provided in Chapter 161 and as may be appropriate, shall be required as a condition precedent to the erection, construction, alteration, repair, remodeling, conversion, removal or destruction or re-subdivision of any land.

This includes installation of a fence, swimming pool, accessory structure (shed, garage), change of use, construction of a new residence or commercial building, etc.

The cost of a zoning permit application is as follows:

  • New structure – commercial $150.00
  • New structure – residential $100.00
  • Accessory structure $35.00
  • Alterations/repairs $25.00
  • Application/non conforming use $100.00
  • Resubmitted of denied application $15.00
  • Certiñcate of approval $10.00
  • Change of commercial use/tenant $35.00

(Zoning Permit Application required)

What other permits may be required by the Zoning Officer?

A temporary sign permit certificate is required for display of sandwich board sign and banner signs pursuant to Section 218-3 and 218-4 of the Borough Code. The permit fees are as follows:

  • Sandwich board sign (one calendar year) $75.00
  • Banner sign (35 days) $50.00

(Application for Temporary Sign required )

If you intend to locate a charitable clothing bin on your property, you will be required to obtain a Registration of Charitable Clothing Bins eeltiñeate pursuant to Section 104 of the Borough Code. The permit fees are as follows:

  • Permit fee, first bin S 25.00
  • Additional bins each (maximum 2) 10.00

(Registration for Charitable Bins required )

If you have any questions regarding when a permit is necessary or have any questions about completing the application, please contact Joseph Setticase, Zoning Officer at 973-827-9280 ext 113.


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