Police Address: 15 Corkhill Road Franklin Borough, NJ 07416    |    Phone: 973-827-7700 or 911 for Emergencies

46 Main Street Franklin, NJ  07416
Phone: 973-827-9280

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the most visible division of the Franklin Borough Police Department. In any instance in which a resident needs emergent or non-emergent service and contacts 9-1-1 or our dispatch center, a patrol officer responds 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Patrol Division is a proactive entity that not only responds to crimes in progress and conducts initial investigations to assist the Detective Bureau but actively applies policing strategies to prevent and reduce crime.

To accomplish these ends, officers frequently receive specialized training to enhance their skills and techniques as law enforcement professionals. The training includes, but is not limited to, investigative techniques, narcotics detection and investigations, evidence collection and preservation, crisis intervention training, de-escalation, case law, search and seizure, domestic violence law updates, motor vehicle enforcement and safety, and many other topics aimed to create skilled, well-rounded public servants.

Patrol Division Commander

Lt. Nevin Mattessich
Phone: 973-827-7700 ext. 231


Borough of Franklin


15 Corkhill Road
Franklin Borough, NJ 07416

Police Admin / Records



(973) 827-1486

Public Safety

In case of emergency, dial 911 For non-emergencies, dial (973) 827-7700.

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