Being an integral part of the Borough of Franklin and serving its residents starts with forging lasting trust and healthy relationships with the community's children. The Franklin Borough Police Department is a proud participant in Law Enforcement Against Drugs (LEAD) and currently boasts two certified LEAD instructors, Patrol Officer Jesse Babcock and Detective David Schneider. These officers completed over 80 hours of specialized training, including child development and communication skills, among other facets. The program's curriculum centers on the student making responsible, educated decisions about their future in the face of peer pressure and an ever-lengthening list of social influence mediums and outlets. In addition to drug, alcohol, and tobacco education, the LEAD program provides the opportunity for the community youth to interact with officers personally and enhance the understanding that our officers are committed to their health and safety. The program evolves through the academic year and culminates in a graduation ceremony for the students that participate. The Franklin Borough Police Department takes pride in celebrating this event along with the administration of the Franklin Borough Elementary School and Board of Education.


LEAD Instructors

Officer Jesse Babcock (right photo)

Detective David Schneider (left photo)