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Traffic and pedestrian safety is one of the top priorities of the Franklin Borough Police Department. Traffic Supervisor Sgt. Robert Vander Ploeg guides the patrol division with real-time analysis of the local, county, and state roadways within and around the Borough of Franklin. These studies are conducted utilizing state-of-the-art radar equipment and data collection tools year-round. These efforts provide insight in identifying safety issues and verifying traffic concerns supplied by the public and data collected in crash analysis and reporting. The critical review of this information is communicated to the patrol division for the best time and locations for traffic calming and/or enforcement, depending on the nature and severity of the hazard.

Additionally, the Traffic Division is responsible for construction traffic planning and planned road closures and events within the Borough. Sgt. Vander Ploeg is further accountable for the annual training and re-training of the school crossing guards, radar training and recertification of all Franklin officers, and the installation and inspection of child seats. In his current capacity, Sgt. Vander Ploeg has specialized training in accident investigation and reconstruction, as well as traffic engineering, analysis, and Title 39 enforcement.

Request for Traffic Enforcement

The Franklin Borough Police Department actively responds to complaints of ongoing traffic issues that occur in the Borough of Franklin. If you believe there is a traffic related issue in your neighborhood, please complete the Request for Traffic Enforcement form in its entirety and electronically submit it to the Traffic Officer. Your request will be prioritized based on the availability of our resources and volume of requests received.

Once received, the Traffic Officer will examine crash data for the area and conduct a study utilizing traffic data collection equipment. The data will then be used to provide enforcement when necessary and most effective.

For issues requiring an immediate response, call dispatch at 973-827-7700 so that an officer can be assigned to respond and address the concern promptly. For emergencies, dial 9-1-1. 

Schedule a Child Seat Inspection

Anyone seeking to have their child seat inspected or installed or who may have any questions about child passenger safety may contact one of our Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Technicians at traffic@franklinpd.org, as appointments are required to ensure officer availability. 

Self-Reporting Crash Form

The New Jersey Self-Reporting Crash form (SR-1) is used to report a crash that was not investigated by the police and it is the only form that can be used for this purpose. All Self-Reporting Crash forms must be sent directly to the NJ Department of Transportation.

The electronic versions below enable NJ citizens to fill out a form online and receive acknowledgment back within minutes. The online receipts are equivalent to the paper versions stamped by the NJDOT and can be submitted to an insurance company.


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In case of emergency, dial 911 For non-emergencies, dial (973) 827-7700.

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