Garbage & Recycling

Solid Waste Recycling Information

Blue Diamond 973-598-9800

Trash and recyclables shall be placed by curbside no later than 6:30 am the morning of your collection day.
Each taxpayer is entitled to 3 (three) 32 gallon trash containers collected each week.
Blue Diamond may or may not observe all holidays, when in doubt,
please put your trash/recyclables out for the scheduled day!
Trash will be picked up every Tuesday.


Single stream (comingled) recycling pickup is available for all residential dwellings located on roads regularly serviced by Blue Diamond. Material must be placed at the curb by 6:30 am. Residents may place their comingled newsprint, junk mail, brown paper bags, office grade printing paper, shredded paper and magazines together with other recyclable material in a single container marked “RECYCLABLE”. (Stickers are available at Borough Hall). Paper and cardboard placed curbside must be cross tied and bundled to a height no higher than 12 inches. Corrugated cardboard & chipboard placed curbside must be flattened and tied. Co-mingled materials consisting of three colors of glass, Tin, Aluminum, & Plastic Containers (#1 through #7) must be placed curbside in the reusable “Recycling” Container.
Items left in plastic or paper bags will not be picked up.
Recycling will be picked up every other Wednesday.

Vegetative Waste Collection

During the months of April through November, grass, leaves and branches will be picked up on the “FOURTH THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH.” PLACE AT CURBSIDE NO LATER THAN 6:30 AM. Brush and branches shall be bundled and tied together and shall not contain pieces greater than 4-feet. Leaf, grass and vegetative yard waste should be bagged using *ONLY* BIODEGRADABLE PAPER BAGS, or be placed in re-usable containers, non-biodegradable bags WILL NOT be picked up!!

Bulk Pickup

Household Items ONLY - And may not exceed 3 (three) cubic yards per residence.

Items such as furniture type garbage will be picked up on regular garbage days. Please contact: Blue Diamond @ 973-598-9800 the day prior to your regular pickup to inform them you will be placing a bulk item at curbside. For white goods/metal, e.g., stoves, refrigerators and appliances please call: BLUE DIAMOND 973-598-9800

Important Bulk Pick-up Changes!!

The following items may no longer be placed curbside for bulk pick-up: 

  • Televisions
  • Monitors
  • Computers
  • Portable/Laptop Computers

The New Jersey Electronic Waste Management Act bans the disposal of these electronic devices and mandates that they be recycled. See the page on SCMUA for more information on electronic waste recycling.